Successful California Mini Tour August 15 Ventura, 16 San Francisco, 17 Long Beach, 18 Tarzana (Los Angeles) 

Thank you California and my cali band for a successful mini tour. Ventura, San Francisco, Long Beach, and Tarzana (Los Angeles) Cadillac Zack 7 yr anniversary with Jimmy Vivino, Joe Bonamassa, & Duane Bets. We will definitely be back.
Wayne Baker Brooks & Jimmy Vivino at Cadillac Zach's 7th anniversary party at Maui Sugar Mill in Tarzana, CA (Los Angeles) with Joe Bonamassa & Duane Betts

WBB takes Long Beach by Storm Marlarkey's August 17th, 2014

WBB giving San Francisco the Chicago Blues!!! Biscuits and Blues August 16th, 2014


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